Four chocolates for a “spirited” Valentine’s Day

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Valentine's Day It’s not just love for wine, tajarin, and genuine, slow food that runs through the veins of the Piedmontese. We traditionally have very “sweet” blood, which comes from a long history of mastery in the art of...


Marolo brings historic “Amaro Ulrich” back to life

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A liquor from the past. A forgotten Piedmontese specialty. A secret recipe. After a months-long wait in which Marolo Distillery researched and experimented to bring this unique Piedmontese amaro back to life, Ulrich is ready to whet your palate (an...


Grappa di Barolo is Law!

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After a long legislative path, the data sheet, or Technical Specifications, defining the characteristics and production process of Grappa di Barolo has been published. Now it is up to the European Union to officially recognize it and protect this...