The Little Dictionary of Grappa From A for Acids to H for Heart

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We’ve talked a lot about grappa, about its history, about stills and raw materials and distillation methods. In the next few posts we’d like to offer a reference tool to help readers of our blog to find their way in the complex and fascinating...


Grappa in the USA: a question of heart and quality

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Grappa in the USA? We asked Paolo Boselli what it’s like to sell this spirit in the States. For over 30 years, he has selected and promoted the best of Italian wine and spirits to the American market, with a particular bent for products of high...


3 new… Double Cask!

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Like the start of a new school year, September means new beginnings for Marolo Distillery. It just goes to show that getting off to a good start is half the battle! We wanted to brighten the next few months with new flavors and aromas, something to...


Old Grappa…Good to Cook with?

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Our grandparents knew that an old hen takes an extra-long time to cook for a broth rich in flavor. Does the same rule apply for grappa? The older it gets, does the more special it become?...