The differences between grappa and whisky

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Actually, whisky does not exist. Or rather, whisky is a generic term: it comes from the Anglicization of the Gaelic-Irish word “uisge beatha” or “uisquebaugh”, which means “water of life”, from the Latin expression “aqua vitae” that...


Grappa is precious

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If someone told you that squeezing one ton of oranges would only give you about ten bottles of juice, would you consider orange juice to be a precious drink? Well, with the proper proportions, one ton of grapes makes about eleven bottles of...


What Grappa isn’t

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It’s an easy word to say: “grappa.” Yet, this Italian distillate is made according to precise rules that not only secure centuries of tradition and characteristics, but act as a customer guarantee. Not just any distillate may call itself...