The History Of Marolo, Origins Of A Passion

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In June this year, Marolo will celebrate its 40th anniversary. An adventure that, from the end of the 1970s, has led the Alba distillery to not only distinguish itself by the high quality of its products, but has also forged strong links with the...


The Spirit of Christmas

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Like Charles Dickens, we believe in the three “spirits” of Christmas—when it comes to the story of grappa, that is! After all, grappa is the essence of Italian distillates, born and raised within our culture, and it continues to evolve today,...


Marolo brings historic “Amaro Ulrich” back to life

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A liquor from the past. A forgotten Piedmontese specialty. A secret recipe. After a months-long wait in which Marolo Distillery researched and experimented to bring this unique Piedmontese amaro back to life, Ulrich is ready to whet your palate (an...