What to pair with Vermouth

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Vermouth, the world’s most famous bitter wine, is the king of aperitifs.

We all know that Vermouth is great with a serving of chips. And that, in mixology, it is second to no one. Both red and white Vermouth are fundamental ingredients of some of the most famous cocktails in the world: Martini, Americano and Negroni, just to name a few.

But if we were to make a “gourmet tweak” and try to pair Vermouth for an entire meal, which dishes would match up?

Let’s take a look at some delectable ideas that will surely feed the imagination of gourmands.


The French know this very well. There are only a handful of entrées like foie gras, which literally “melt” the palate of diners, preparing it for the delicacies that will follow. Foie gras has its rightful reputation. It’s creamy, pleasantly bitter-sweet, with that slightly musky flavor. Pair it with Vermouth Rosso Domenico Ulrich. The notes of bitter orange and the hints of gentian and lemon balm will create a harmonious contrast with the fatness of the foie gras, cleansing the mouth with every sip and urging for another bite.

Foie Gras


La scrittrice Amelie Nothomb sostiene che Dio si rivela sul palato ogni volta che incontriamo il gusto capace di proiettarci in paradiso. Formaggi e vino, da sempre, rappresenta uno di questi incontri, epifania a cui è facile concedere attributi divini. Il Vermouth funziona allo stesso modo di una buona etichetta.

Try Vermouth Bianco Domenico Ulrich with tasty cheeses, both fresh and aged. Start with a taleggio, a robiola di Roccaverano or goat cheese. Sip Vermouth Bianco with the fresh versions of these cheeses, then, if the combination satisfies you, go ahead with the slightly more aged ones. Then try a Bra Duro, with its typical herbaceous notes. And end with a well-aged Castelmagno or a spicy Ragusano. You’re now up for a real surprise: the notes of artemisia will balance with the sweet and fatty notes of the cheese, bringing real pleasure to the senses.


Well yes, Nirvana definitely exists. And it is an idyllic paradise where rivers of Vermouth Rosso and chocolate flow. This, of course, is a classic pair: and if classic works, we might as well just go with tradition. White or milk chocolate both need a delicate Vermouth and Vermouth Rosso Domenico Ulrich is simply perfect, thanks to its citrus notes. But if utmost pleasure is what you’re looking for, then you must turn to dark chocolate. Choose a 50-60% bitter chocolate, one in which herbaceous, red fruit and spicy notes emerge And, while you melt it in your mouth, leave some room for “Umberto” Vermouth Rosso Superiore Domenico Ulrich. Full, vibrant and rich, it stands out for its bitter notes of cinchona and hyssop. A unique trait of this Vermouth “Superiore” is the refinement of the botanicals: after extracting the essences, the tinctures remain for 6 months in aging wood, a technique that gives intense color and wonderful balsamic flavor, perfect to moderate the acidity of bitter chocolate.

If you want a simpler pairing, both Vermouth Rosso Domenico Ulrich and its “Superiore” version go well with an orange peel covered with dark chocolate. But dried fruit with chocolate is also perfect: make sure that it’s dark and of excellent quality.


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