Vermouth Rosso Domenico Ulrich: The myth, the original

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Amber in color, a velvety body and a perfect balance between spicy, balsamic and citrus notes. Discover Red Vermouth Domenico Urlich, a modern take on the ancient recipe that created the myth of the aperitif.


First, original, foundational. Vermouth Rosso is the very nature of the aperitif, the product that has shaped the habits of its own producer. Vermouth is born “red” or better, “amber”. To say it is one of the oldest recipes available today, or at least the first one that Arnaldo Strucchi arranged in the first book dedicated to Vermouth di Turino, in 1907.

In his monograph, Strucchi demonstrates that, in principle, Vermouth hadn’t yet been divided into white or red, but was simply known to be a dark amber. This colour was obtained by using burnt sugar, a method that is totally free of any dyes, and produces colour by controlling the amount of heat applied to sugar. Today, most Vermouth Rosso on the market is coloured with caramel, which is much darker and gives it a decidedly “red” appearance. It is not the best method as it can interfere with the aromatic profile of the vermouth.


Marolo has rediscovered and revised the ancient recipe that Domenico Ulrich, the most famous botanist of his time, developed in 1854. Our redeveloped recipe respects, to the best of its ability, the ancient method of production.

Thanks to a skillful blend of Piedmontese wine (100% Cortese) with aromatic herbs, plant stems, spices and local Artemisia (which givse the typical bitter hint), Vermouth Rosso Domenico Ulrich is a hymn to the originality of the past with Marolo’s extensive experience in making contemporary vermouth.


Red Vermouth Domenico Ulrich is made using the burnt sugar described Strucchi’s monograph. The refined colour profile achieved with this method gives full justice to the exceptional aromatic profile of the vermouth; marvelous notes of orange peel, gentian and Piedmontese lemon balm blend with delicate tannins and a balsamic finish. It is a truly unique Vermouth, which is best appreciated served on the rocks, or smooth but very cold, and garnished with an orange peel. But it is equally perfect for mixing, like in the preparation of a classic Americano, Manhattan or Negroni.

It adds a vintage flavour that you have to taste to believe!


Americano (original recipe)


1 part Campari
2 parts Domenico Ulrich Vermouth Rosso
A splash of soda
Garnish with a lemon, orange or lime twist




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