Vermouth Domenico Ulrich: A return to the past

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Vermouth is history and myth. It embodies the evolution of Italian drinking. A symbol of the Piedmontese Belle Époque, which was exported and imitated all over the world.

Vermouth is style and custom. A passion for things well made. It represents the excellence of “Savoy” craftsmanship.  

Marolo is ready to launch its great “rediscovery.” The detailed research and study on the history of distilling undertaken by Marolo has profited in a new original recipe inspired by the historic Turin brand: Domenico Ulrich.


Domenico Ulrich was a famous 19th-century botanist. In the mid-1800s, he founded the company that bore his name. It was one of the first Italian companies to specialize in the processing of aromatic plants, in particular those coming from Piedmont. In a short time, Domenico Ulrich became the most prominent herbalist of his time, and his company specialized in the production of extracts, tinctures, infusions, bitters, syrups, Vermouth and chianti based on ancient Piedmontese recipes and traditions. In 1885, Ulrich received a gold medal from the Ministry of Agriculture, Industry and Commerce in honour of the commitment and passion that the company invested in its products.


Marolo has developed four new and unique Vermouths that come straight from the past. They are designed from the long-forgotten original recipes that Domenico Urlich launched into the history of Italian drinking in 1854. The Marolo recipes remain true to Domenico Ulrich’s vision of vermouth but made for the contemporary drinker. The range has four products: Domenico Ulrlich Vermouth RossoDomenico Ulrlich Vermouth Rosso Superiore “Umberto”Domenico Ulrlich Vermouth Bianco and Domenico Ulrlich Vermouth Extra Dry. 

Marolo followed a rigorous protocol in developing the Vermouth Dottor Ulrich line.

1. Exclusively made with 100% Cortese wine from Piedmont; white wine is historically the primary ingredient in vermouth.

2. Only Artemisia from Piedmont is used, as required by the disciplinary standards. It adds the characteristic bitterness of Vermouth.

3. Only locally cultivated botanical plants to enhance the territorial profile and freshness of the vermouth.

4. Colouring Vermouth Rosso with the ancient method of burnt sugar, no use of caramel, to maintain the integrity of the aromatic profile of the final product.


Are you ready to rediscover the original vintage taste of Vermouth Dottor Ulrich? Follow us! In the coming weeks, we will be devoting time to deepen your knowledge of each one.

Vermouth Domenico Ulrich

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