Marolo presents Grappa di Barolo Riserva 1991

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The new Grappa di Barolo 1991 “Grandi Riserve”, presented this year is proof that grappa can compete with the world’s great spirits: 27 years ageing in wood that intensifies all the expressiveness of the most extraordinary Italian grape, Barolo Nebbiolo.

«Our distillery was founded on a passion and flourished thanks to the love and time my father Paolo devoted to his calling. The same that over the years has led us to continually experiment, with a focus on lengthy refining times and the discerning selection of barrels for ageing. Riserva 1991 represents the pinnacle of this spirit, the sublime expression of Barolo grapes which, despite the 27 years spent in casks, still preserve their sparkling freshness» Lorenzo Marolo

27, 6, 2 x 1421

Twenty-seven years. Six different passages in wood previously used for premium spirits. Two barrels for one thousand four hundred and twenty-one numbered bottles. These are the numbers for Grappa di Barolo Riserva 1991; a challenge won, proof that if nourished by loving care and attention, “Italian spirit” can compete with the world’s great spirits and offer products of absolute quality

Grappa di Barolo Riserva 1991 comes from the pomace of a great vintage, one made even more special by the birth of Paola, Paolo Marolo’s second child. The grappa distilled from this harvest was therefore treated with “filial” love. During its “journey of elevation” it went through six types of barrel used for six different spirits, finally concentrating in vats numbers 1243 and 1372, but not before sacrificing over 40% of its volume to the heavens – the so-called angels’ share, or the quantity of grappa that evaporates during ageing.


1,421 bottles were obtained from the barrels, 570 from 1243 and 851 from 1372. The very slow refinement and passage from one barrel to another were designed to prevent aromas transferred by the wood from overpowering the distinctiveness of the original grape, which we wanted to preserve and enhance at all costs.  The result is an inimitable and extraordinary grappa: the very fine and elegant tertiary notes tend towards balsamic, almond, liquorice and toasted fruit, with hints of incense and snuffed candle. In this array sensual fragrances, however, the freshness of the original grape, the mystery and wonder of Nebbiolo, still stands out sharply and clearly, making its presence felt even after thirty as aromas of cooked plums, apples and pears, with roundness of taste and softness of rare elegance.

Marolo, Grappa di Barolo Riserva 1991

Grappa di Barolo Riserva 1991


The Kingfisher features on all Marolo Reserve Grappa labels, and has become the distillery’s icon. The image is the legacy of Gianni Gallo, one of the Langhe’s most prolific, brilliant artists, whose friendship with Paolo Marolo prompted an incredible series of masterpiece labels still used today on many of the Alba distillery’s products.

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