Marolo Proudly Presents the New «Fernet Domenico Ulrich»

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An ancient recipe restored to its most authentic version. A journey to the heart of Piedmont’s liquor-making tradition, through 35 different herbs, spices, and roots. A delicate and enveloping taste, revealing a harmony composed by the long aging in wood of the botanicals used.

Marolo presents the new Fernet Domenico Ulrich, made from the original recipe of the late 1800s. A distinct amaro with a vibrant personality, capable of eliciting unexpectedly intense emotions for a true moment of meditation, to spice up coffee or whip up original cocktails.

Marolo’s constant exploration of the art of distillation combines with the famous botanist Domenico Ulrich’s original recipes to create a new Fernet, the most popular after-meal drink in the world. Marolo’s passion for the production of amaro has deep roots, dating back to the early ‘70’s. At the time, Paolo Marolo, the distillery’s founder, taught liquor-making at the Scuola Enologica in Alba, following the footsteps of Pinot Gallizio. Since then, alongside the production of grappa, the distillery from Alba has always committed to experimenting with liquors, combining an artisanal passion with the continuous pursuit of high-quality raw materials.

This is how Amaro Ulrich was born in 2016, made from a recipe by Domenico Ulrich dated 1854. Today, after years of experimentation and research to find the perfect balance of the botanicals, comes a promising Fernet that will rewrite the standards of amaro. Many of the herbs used are aged for 4 years in oak barrels after a gentle infusion in alcohol. This step is definitely worth the wait: this is the only way for the 35 botanicals used for Fernet Domenico Ulrich to find the desired balance, harmonizing the bitter taste of Piedmontese artemisia with the expressive power of rhubarb, gentian, cinchona, aloe, cloves, and star anise – just to name some of the ingredients. The mix is then “spiced up” by the refreshing mint from Pancalieri, an excellence from the area of Turin.




The refined infusion and the long aging in wood make Fernet Domenico Ulrich an ultra-premium bitter distinguished by excellent alcohol content, finesse, and utmost elegance. Dry and balsamic, an ideal drink for meditation, straight, with or without ice. Excellent to spice up coffee or, when it is cold, with a sip of hot water. The perfect balance of the high-quality ingredients used makes this bitter perfect for mixology, ready to keep up with the most elaborate cocktails. But to also concoct simple and refreshing drinks, like the famous Fernandito, the Argentinian Fernet con cola that conquered the world.

Discover the new Fernet Domenico Ulrich revisited by Marolo and live an enveloping experience, guided by the pleasure of a deep and delicate taste, filled with new discoveries.


The new Fernet Domenico Ulrich made from the original recipe of the late 1800s.

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