The “Chinato chill”

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Here are two simple recipes to enjoy our noble Marolo Chinato even in the summer.

In rural Piedmontese tradition, Barolo Chinato was offered to guests as a drink with protective properties against colds and fevers, as well as for its digestive and antipyretic properties when drunk warm. It’s not so rare to find Barolo Chinato listed under “medicinal wines” in an enology handbook.

Tradition is, of course, an inseparable part of our culture. Often, and very willingly, we pair Barolo Chinato with chocolate for a body- and soul-warming treat during chilly autumn and winter evenings. But this aromatized wine has two personalities: when served right, it will cool off the hottest days of summer!

 Try these simple cocktails that can be quickly prepared at home using easy-to-find ingredients and basic preparation techniques. Savor with a friend and enjoy the Chinato “chill” that will surprise you with unique flavors. Of course, we suggest you make these with Barolo Marolo Chinato, whose special recipe is perfectly adapted to classic and contemporary mixology.

Marolo chinato cocktail


Pure simplicity: This cocktail, on the rocks, is made by crushing an orange slice inside the glass and then adding Chinato to blend with the flavor.


Negronis are traditionally made with Red Campari, Gin, and Vermouth. Vermouth is none other than aromatized white wine, and so Barolo Chinato could be called its cousin. Our “Marolo Chinato” is produced from the noble Barolo wine and aromatized with herb and bark infusions (chinchona, rhubarb, gentian, coriander, cinnamon, cloves, etc.) that make it particularly adapted for a fragrant pairing with appetizers or happy hour, or at the end of the meal.

Everything used in equal parts.

Serve with ice and a slice of orange and enjoy!

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