Here Is the New 10-Year-Old Grappa Di Barolo Aged in Sherry Casks: «Pure Elegance»

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A rare grappa for meditation. A «sherry cask» promising strong emotions. A special version of Grappa di Barolo that aims to raise the standard of quality, broadening the horizons for tasting and pairing.   

Marolo presents the new Grappa di Barolo aged in Sherry casks: the fruit of continuous attempts, tastings and experimental aging. Most importantly, the result of the distillery’s dedication to long aging and the constant quest to create innovative grappas that can compete with outstanding international spirits without forgoing the intrinsic bond with the land. 

Poured into the barrels in 2012, Marolo’s new grappa has embarked on a long journey. Ten years of aging in woods selected from Spain and used for the production of Sherry Oloroso, a dry and intense fortified wine with low residual sugar and sensational notes of dried fruits. The 5.233 and 5.235 barrels were used, two 480-liter tonneaux that, after two decades, have given life to a limited number of bottles: only 1,635 numbered samples. 

 «The idea of using Sherry casks comes from the world of whisky», Lorenzo Marolo shares. «We bet on our Grappa di Barolo’s ability to evolve in an elegant and complex manner, without letting the woods used compromise its identity. Our goal is to create grappas that distinctly reveal the terroir’s genetic imprint, possibly enhanced by a tailor-made outfit». 


 A perfectly fitting “outfit” that expresses the «pure elegance» of its production through a grappa endowed with excellent characteristics. Deep, complex and captivating, the new Grappa di Barolo aged in Sherry casks balances the austere strength of Barolo with an unprecedented smoothness. Notes of dark fruits blend with spices, while those of dried fruits harmonize with chocolate and tobacco. A captivating grappa right from the first sip, revealing its enveloping nature through a warm, silky embrace. The perfect drink for meditation or at the end of a meal, it wonderfully matches with dried fruits, chocolate and aged cheese. The round notes of ripe red fruit make it ideal with a good smoke, perhaps a Cuban cigar.  


 The extraordinary Grappa di Barolo aged in Sherry casks for 10 years is ennobled by its packaging. A decanter-style bottle with embossed decorations in pure gold and a three-piece lacquered oak wooden case with gold leaf finishing: a luxury product for true enthusiasts.  

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