Single-Vineyard Grappas: Unique Excellences by Marolo

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Since grappa is obtained through the simplification and reduction of matter to its “essence”, then the purity of an “essence” can only be ensured by the quality of its raw material of origin. 

Although it may seem like an alchemical principle, it is not. Grappa requires excellent raw materials (grape pomace) to express its full potential. 

However, to convey a unique character, it needs equally unique pomace. Not only fresh and of excellent quality (a fundamental element for any Marolo grappa), but also harvested during vintages that express the singular nature of a terroir or, even, the exclusively unique cru of origin. 

For over 40 years, this has been Marolo’s challenge: to create grappas capable of going beyond the idea of single variety (obtained from pomace of a single grape variety) and embrace what is known in winemaking as single vineyard or sourced from a specific vineyard. These are grappas whose pomace is carefully selected at the source by outstanding producers who reserve them exclusively for Marolo. The pomace is obtained from grapes cultivated in the most prestigious Langhe crus (which are classified into Menzioni Geografiche Aggiuntive) that yield equally outstanding wines: Barolo Cannubi, Brunate, Bussia and Barbaresco Rabajà, to name a few. The pomace embodies the most faithful and pure spirit of its territory as it comes from grapes that originate from specifically delimited areas of undisputed wine excellence, cultivated for decades to achieve the utmost quality from the microterroir it is meant to express. 


Marolo’s single-vineyard grappas – each with their distinct traits – are remarkably similar to what is known in the wine world as “cru”. This is a vineyard that is considered as exceptional and yields outstanding labels produced in limited quantities and distinguished by organoleptic characteristics that vary from season to season, depending on the harvesting conditions. 

Similarly, Marolo’s “single vineyard” grappas come from specifically defined vineyards and are produced in limited quantities. Just like wine, these grappas embody the unique features of the season. The results are vintage grappas (which bear the year the grapes were harvested) with specific qualities based on the vintage and are the combination of the characteristics of the season and the period of aging in wood, designed to enhance those original features. 


Marolo has been producing single vineyard grappas from the hills of Langhe and Roero since its foundation in 1977. This was made possible thanks to the existing relationships with the best producers in the area, who learned to keep the pomace from their most important vineyards and deliver them fresh and still dripping with wine to Marolo. The freshness of the pomace and the (gentle and slow) bain-marie distillation contribute to preserving the varietal characteristics and the geographical expression of the vineyards. 


Grappa di Barolo Cannubi (2013 vintage) is the latest single-vineyard grappa produced by Marolo. Available starting from autumn 2023 in a limited and numbered edition, the grappa comes with a customizable label. 

This is the second edition of a very exclusive project aimed at offering vintage grappas from the most prestigious Langhe vineyards (the first one was Grappa di Barolo Brunate 2016 vintage). This extremely rare single-vineyard grappa comes from a careful selection of pomace sourced exclusively from the Cannubi Menzione Geografica Aggiuntiva, the oldest and most prestigious in the entire denomination. The delicate discontinuous bain-marie distillation and slow aging in French oak barrels used for white wines aim to enhance the aromatic profile that identifies Cannubi, whose legendary balance has always yielded the world’s most celebrated Barolo DOCG wines. A magnificently elegant distillate whose fruity notes build a profound taste, softened by balsamic tones and hints of spices, resulting in a sumptuous and extremely persistent body. The noblest of grappas from a vineyard that has no equal in Barolo. 


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Exclusively made from Nebbiolo grapes grown in Brunate Menzione Geografica Aggiuntiva (MGA): one of the most important Barolo crus, producing some of the denomination’s most prominent labels.  

This is a vintage grappa, one that bears the year of harvest on its label: 2016. The first vintage grappa with customizable labeling offered by Marolo (now sold out). Sublime, intense and a remarkably complex distillate: hints of blackberries, violet and ripe red fruit perfectly blend with balsamic and spicy notes, which are typical of Brunate. 


Bussia is one of the most historic Barolo crus, long known for its vocation to Nebbiolo. Renowned for its extraordinary location and soils, this MGA yields Barolo wines that have made the history of the «King of Wines».  

Pomace from this area gives life to an impressive and balanced grappa, distinguished by a noble nature and notes of almond, tobacco and licorice. A “gem” that embodies the most iconic Barolo cru. 



No vineyard in Barbaresco, a hilly area situated east of Alba, is more famous than Rabajà, which is also an MGA.  

The wines are characterized by remarkable delicacy and sapid minerality. The intense aromas of Rabajà are enclosed in an extraordinarily delicate grappa distinguished by a complex but not complicated flavor: the symbol of finesse and elegance. 


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