Grappa di Moscato Solera, a rich and exciting experience

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Marolo launches the new Solera Grappas on the market. Here we deal with understanding and “tasting” the Grappa di Moscato Solera, a distillate born from a Caribbean inspiration, but 100% Piedmontese spirit.

What is the Solera method?

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Like Grappa di Barolo Solera, Grappa di Moscato Solera also uses the Solera refining technique, but it does so with an aromatic Moscato Grappa, obtained 100% from fresh and fragrant Piedmontese Moscato grapes, the result of incessant and passionate research which has always distinguished the Marolo distillery towards the most particular distillation techniques and methods, coming from all over the world but applied to grappas from native vines, obtained from very fresh pomace, handcrafted in discontinuous distillation.

The Solera method has been observed for a long time by the Marolo family during their trip to the Caribbean, to discover the best Rhum of the tropical islands. Very popular for sugar cane distillate, the Solera method is often used for the production of Sherry, Madeira and fortified wines. It consists of creating a particular blend of grappas aged in barriques with different ages of aging, according to a dynamic method. The barrels (second passage) are arranged in pyramid stacks: the highest row contains the youngest grappa while the lowest one, called Solera (in Spanish «soil») the oldest grappa. Every year a part of the Solera is bottled and the barriques are filled with the distillate coming from the upper row.


The oldest part of Solera (i.e. the part closest to the ground containing the oldest grappa) is aged for at least 6 years, in second passage barriques already used for Piedmontese Moscato Passito. This choice preserves and enhances the incredible aromatic bouquet of the Moscato grape, restoring the expressive purity of the grape in all its fragrance.


The result of Marolo’s research is a blend of rare finesse, multifaceted yet happily drinkable because in perfect balance between the bright and aromatic notes of young Moscato grappas and the more complex ones of Moscato grappas aged in wood. A rich, full, exciting distillate, where the starting vine is always and in any case distinguishable, perfect to combine with any type of dessert or as a sumptuous and always pleasant after meal.

Grappa di Moscato Solera

Grappa di Moscato Solera


Golden color, the nose has aromas of white flowers and yellow pulp fruit. In the mouth, sensations of apricot, candied citrus and light notes of pear open, complemented by nuances of rose and elderberry, with a finish of dried fruit and almond.

Discover the Moscato Solera Grappa

Grappa di Moscato Solera

Grappe Solera Marolo

Grappe Solera Marolo

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