Grappa di Barolo Solera conquers Bibenda

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Grappa di Barolo Solera 7 anni by Marolo achieves Five Grappoli on Bibenda 2022 guide: this is the only Grappa di Barolo to be conferred with the highest recognition.

Cinque Grappoli Bibenda 2022

This important award given by Bibenda 2022, the guide curated by the Fondazione Italiana Sommelier, is an acknowledgement of the innovative character of this Grappa di Barolo, the fruit of Marolo’s constant research on traditional Piedmontese spirits which, in this particular case, encounter the Solera technique.

The result is a 100% Piedmontese Grappa, obtained from the best Nebbiolo pomace suitable for the production of Barolo Docg, in which the typical aromas of the grape blend with the “Caribbean breeze”.


The Solera method is very popular for the production of Rhum, but also of Sherry, Madeira and fortified wines. It consists of creating a particular blend of grappas aged in barriques with different ages of aging, according to a dynamic method. The barrels are arranged in pyramid stacks: the highest row contains the youngest grappa while the lowest one, called Solera (in Spanish «soil») the oldest grappa. Every year a part of the Solera is bottled and the barriques are filled with the distillate coming from the upper row. Finally, in the highest part, more young grappa is added which will begin its “journey” towards the Solera.

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Grappa di Barolo Solera is obtained exclusively from Barolo Grappas distilled from very fresh Nebbiolo pomace from Barolo, harvested within the area of ​​the appellation. The distillation, as always happens for Marolo products, is discontinuous and artisanal, slow and delicate. The oldest part of the Solera (i.e. that of the row closest to the ground) is aged for at least 7 years in second passage barriques used for Piedmontese Chardonnay.

Why Chardonnay?

Because the choice of white wine barrels is “neutral” and guarantees the pomace of Nebbiolo their full varietal expressiveness, without covering them with the aromas of aging.


The result is a blend of powerful refinement, where the tertiary notes given by the maturation and refinement in wood elegantly blend with the most striking and characteristic ones of the grape of origin. A distillate of happy aromatic complexity, never too austere or bizarre, full and grandiloquent, pleasantly enjoyable, with a delicate taste. A grappa with a convivial character, suitable to accompany desserts and after meals, but always ready to be offered to friends at any time of the day.

Discover the Grappa di Barolo Solera 7 years of Marolo


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