Form and Substance, the Grappa di Barbaresco Rabajà 2006

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From the pomace of Barbaresco’s most prestigious Menzione Geografica Aggiuntiva we have created a grappa that is completely unrivaled. It is elegant and graceful that smoothly showcases the unique characteristics of the original vines. 

This is the “spirit of the territory” that Marolo is always trying to capture; the invisible qualities of terroir embedded in the raw pomace by time and the art of artisanal distillation – the daughter of alchemy – that drop by drop becomes grappa. Our Grappa di Barbaresco Rabajà is the result of two-times the expertise. First that of the winemakers who led the exceptional harvest of 2006 and second the mastery of the grappaioli who dutifully distill the work of the winemakers with care.


The Grappa di Barbaresco Rabajà’s uniqueness is rooted in the vineyards from which it is made. We are in the Langhe, in Babaresco, in the heart of its namesake appellation. On the highest peak of the Asili hills, just south of the village, lays Rabajà the name of the ancient farmhouse that still dominates the vineyards. It is a historic and renown plot of vineyards, its borders have been clearly defined since 1811 in the Napoleonic times and today it is one of the foremost Mezione Geografica Aggiuntiva (MGA), areas delineated as having particular value, of Barbaresco. The exposure and amphitheater shape of the vineyard, the influence of the nearby river Tanaro and the soils of the Tortonian era composed of white tuff marls and gray-bluish marls, make Rabajà a “magical” vineyard which always produces high-quality wines that age well, are full of enticing aromatic notes and caress your mouth with powerful tannins.

Rabajà is regarded as mythical place for wine. Those who cultivate vines have developed a meticulous and almost manic level of attention and care. Each vineyard is managed to the highest standards of sustainability. In fact, it is known as “the garden” of Barbaresco, a coveted place amongst winemakers, where man and nature have reached the perfect balance of form and substance. 


Picked fresh and delivery directly from the winemakers, the pomace from Barbaresco Rabajà receives the most scrupulous attention. It is distilled entirely by a manually-operated bain-marie still, slowly in order to extracting the strength and power of the original aromas. Each batch takes 3 hours with the distillation happening drop by drop; in one hour only 10 litres of this extraordinary liquid is made. This is a grappa that exudes elegance. The alcohol naturally present in the marc is “rounded out” by this process of distillation making the grappa silkier and silkier with each batch until it reaches a state of rarity where the aromas and characteristics of the grapes abound without the palate burning.


Grappa di Barbaresco Rabajà 2006 is purposefully aged to preserve the characteristics of its terroir. Barrels that have already been used to age other grappas are chosen to diminish the impact of wood on the flavour. It is then left to evaporate in part of the angels, the amount of liquid that is naturally lost but concentrates the flavour and aromatic properties.


Attentive distillation and delicate ageing make this a grappa with a refined and noble aromatic profile. It has a soft and velvety mouthfeel, the body structured by an enveloping alcohol. Warm in the mouth and fine in the nose, there is an immediate presence of the fresh and fruity notes typical of Barbaresco Rabajà grapes.

The packaging equally underlines the finess of this grappa. The label is an unpublished work by Gianni Gallo, the of the last pieces gifted by the artist from Dogliani as a testament to his decade’s long friendship with Paolo Marolo.

Only 1835 bottles in a 700mL format are produced of Grappa di Barbaresco Rabajà 2006.

Grappa Di Barbaresco Rabajà 2006

Grappa Di Barbaresco Rabajà Vendemmia 2006


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