Five cocktails for the summer

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We have long talked about the history of mixing on our blog.

We have seen how chance and human inventions led to the birth of the first cocktails, to their diffusion in the USA and then in the world. We also understood that, as in all forms of art, cocktails are also based on a mix of genius, imagination, study and professionalism. Finally, we explored the world of contemporary mixing, which has its roots in Italian Futurism and today follows the fashion and trends of the market.

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Now the time has come to recommend some cocktails for the summer, featuring Marolo products such as Milla, Vermouth Domenico Ulrich and Amaro Ulrich, which lend themselves perfectly to some very fresh recipes.

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Il ciclista

It’s nice to ride, but one must sweat! A cocktail dedicated to those looking for a refreshment full of personality and taste, where the acidity of lemon and ginger beer welcome the sweet freshness of mint. To top it all, the herbaceous notes of the Ulrich amaro, which envelop and caress the palate. Refreshing!

  • 0.5 cl Amaro D. Ulrich
  • 1 cl Lemon juice
  • 4 cl Ginger beer
  • Mint leaves


The fresh and spicy Red Vermouth is mixed with a touch of Brandy, enhanced by an unexpectedly bitter hint. A sunset drink in the mountains.

  • 4 cl Vermouth Ulrich Rosso
  • 3 cl Italian Brandy
  • 0.5 cl Amaro Ulrich


A Milla-based cocktail, the chamomile liquor and a grappa made by Marolo. A perfect union between citrus notes, hints of wild flowers and the pleasant liveliness of a good Prosecco. Freschissima was formulated for Marolo by Kehlen Selph, of Osteria Coppa in Houston and is dedicated to those who love to observe summer sunsets by smelling the saline currents that rise towards the hinterland, caressing the Mediterranean scrub.

  • 6 cl Milla Marolo
  • 2 teaspoons of sugar
  • 1.5 cl lemon juice
  • Prosecco


Let’s move on to the freshness and femininity of white Vermouth, with its delicate and floral flavors that mix with the bitter notes of Angostura and the “fizziness” of sparkling wine. The result is an ultra-fresh drink, to be drunk on the beach, at any time and occasion.

  • 4 cl Vermouth Ulrich Bianco
  • 1 cl Amaro Ulrich
  • 2 dash of Angostura
  • Top of Italian Spumante


Beer and Vermouth? It is possible thanks to the nobility of Vermouth Rosso Superiore Umberto I, which will captivate you with its ability to inebriate you with its balsamic notes. A midnight bath drink.

  • 6 cl Vermouth Ulrich Rosso Superiore Umberto I
  • 2 cl Amaro Ulrich
  • Top of Lager beer
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