Federidotto: «Grappa is to be rejuvenated»

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Don’t call him an influencer. It is not his job.

Federidotto (born Federico Dotto) is a serious building contractor with a «very serious passion for good food and good drink».

That this passion has 324 thousand followers on Instagram and the photos of his dishes and bottles (mostly drunk) collect something like 10 thousand hearts, is a consequence.

Because when you put passion into things, people notice it.

Born in 1984, originally from Padua, Federico Dotto was, among other things, a DVD collector, who came to the news (we are talking about 2005) to own one of the largest Italian video libraries on disc. Today that specific interest, one would think, has “transfused” itself into the world of fine dining, making Federico a “collector” one of the most popular food & wine Instragrammers of the moment.

Between the shots of Federidotto there are gourmet cuisine, the great (and very large) Champagne labels and – from time to time – luxury cars peep out, another great love of hers.


Champagne, cars and drinks with friends: Federidotto’s great passions

Federico, how did you come to Instagram and how did you build your fanbase?

A friend with whom I was having a drink, for a change, convinced me to sign up. I initially started publishing lifestyle content, which means hotels and cars (he says laughingly), but they have been more successful abroad than in Italy. I then agreed on my true passions: food and wine. And I also changed the target of my followers.

If I say grappa, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

Grappa reminds me of my grandfather, who unfortunately no longer exists: he made Grappa. He distilled a “very potent” drink, of which I still have bottles at home. It is an automatic association, you say Grappa and he comes to mind.

Great wines and cocktails work on social media, and what about Grappa? In your opinion, what is missing in this world to be more “visible”?

Perhaps Grappa “works” less because … it has been around for a long time, it has a complex history. In the sense that to get to Grappa it is necessary to proceed step by step. You first need to be passionate about the world of wines and then spirits: rum, whiskey and others. Or, you have to start with the grandfather! That is to have someone who introduces you to this tradition. Grappa is sometimes seen by the market as something old, even if it is not.

How could Grappa be “rejuvenated”?

A good communication could be to include Grappa as an ingredient in cocktails. Because young people drink cocktails and are very interested in the ingredients that are inside. When you discover the “pure” product you become passionate about that product and begin to explore it.

What are you looking for when you want to drink a great Grappa: what characteristics should it have?

For what my tastes are, I look for the barrique. I don’t like fake grappas, cloying ones, I prefer grappas with a spicy aromatic profile. I confess that I’m learning about Grappa too. It’s a lot. Above all, I’m starting to appreciate great aging more and more.

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