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Follow @Ulrich_1854 on the most popular social network site dedicated to photos and rediscover «the innovative taste of the past» with us.

Domenico Ulrich, the historical pharmacist who founded in the 19th century, in Piedmont, one of the most famous liquor companies in the Kingdom of Italy, is now a line of products signed under Marolo: it includes an Amaro and four different types of Vermouth (bianco, extra dry, rosso and superiore).

It has been a slow and intense journey in search of the original recipes that date back in 1854 but have been revised, in complete observance of the territoriality of the ingredients chosen among the best plants in Piedmont.

Starting today, the Amaro and the different Vermouths created by Ulrich and rediscovered by Marolo will have their own Instagram page with an innovative look. @Ulrich_1854 will not be communicating through individual posts, but with photographic walls to be published monthly, consisting in nine interconnected elements. Each one will be telling a piece of history which, together with the others, will form the overall picture.

Are you curious? Follow @Ulrich_1854 and let us know what you think!

Domenico Ulrich,
vintage aftertaste!

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