Christmas needs the right «spirit»!

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Embark on a fascinating «spiritual» journey.

Originally used by the Romans to indicate the «breath of the wind» (spirare which means “to breathe”), the meaning of the word evolved in the Middle Ages, when it was associated with everything that was perceptible but not directly observable, akin to the nature of the wind.

In this context, the term “spirit” shifted its focus from sight to touch and smell. In Medieval philosophical doctrines, the “spirits” represented the energies that animated the various organs of the body—invisible yet present. It was during that period that the expression «without spirit» was coined to signify a lack of vitality.

In the 13th century, the term «spirit» was employed in alchemy manuals to describe the distillation of alcohol—a substance deemed ethereal, potent and shrouded in mystery. The Arabic word «alcohol» lent its meaning to the “Christian magicians”, who, in turn, studied distillation from the texts of the more technologically advanced and knowledgeable “infidels”. Originally, “al-kuhl” referred to any form of «impalpable powder», hence an intangible essence. This explains the linguistic evolution that led from «alcohol» to «spirit».

The term now served two purposes: on one hand, it described the ethereal and pure nature of the distillation process (alcohol was obtained from fermented fruit, essentially extracting something “pure” from a material that was inherently deemed “common”). On the other hand, the resulting liquid had the remarkable ability to connect with the body in a uniquely profound manner, inducing intoxication and resonating with one’s deepest recesses like no other beverage can.

Let’s not forget that alcohol and medicine were intricately linked until the early 1900s. Alcohol was used to extract the healing properties of herbs that could cure the «spirits» of the body, including ailments of one’s soul.


So, what kind of «spirit» is perfect for Christmas?

At Marolo, we would like to suggest something extraordinary, precious and unique. A «spirit» whose purity originates from the very raw material, preserved through careful distillation. We’re talking about Grappa di Barolo Cannubi (2013 vintage), the culmination of an ambitious project aimed at crafting single vineyard grappas from the best crus in the Langhe region.

Grappa di Barolo Cannubi is truly one-of-a-kind, starting with the vintage. The grappa is made from Nebbiolo grape pomace used for Barolo and distilled in 2013: the expression of a specific harvest season. Adding to its uniqueness is the specific cru from which it originates. The pomace was sourced from the Cannubi Menzione Geografica Aggiuntiva, the most historic, renowned and prestigious plot within the Barolo denomination.

Cannubi is unanimously considered as the “blessed” vineyard of the Langhe, representing the most authentic «spirit» of the King of Wines. Geographically, it is located at the confluence of the two main “geological zones” of Barolo: the Helvetian in Monforte d’Alba, Serralunga d’Alba and Castiglione Falletto (contributing body and structure); and the Tortonian in La Morra and Verduno, known for its finesse.

Exceptional Barolo wines, acclaimed by critics and sought after by collectors, arise from this “harmony of complexity”. And it is also the birthplace of Marolo’s Grappa di Barolo Cannubi. Through delicate bain-marie distillation, it captures the deepest essence of the territory, offering an astonishing «spirit».

Gift Grappa di Barolo Cannubi 2013 this Christmas!

Purchase directly from the website and customize your grappa!

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