Heading towards a Grappa Renaissance. Two years of accolades for our spirits

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For more than 45 years, we’ve poured our hearts into distilling our Grappa, meticulously selecting the finest raw materials from renowned wine regions across the globe. Each stage of production, from ingredient curation to distillation, is approached with the utmost care to craft spirits that encapsulate the authentic essence of Piedmont and its grapes. This dedication contributes to a genuine renaissance of Grappa, solidifying its esteemed status among the world’s finest spirits.

Now, let’s share the most noteworthy achievements of the past two years, knowing they represent not an end, but a firm foundation for future successes.


Our best achievements

Our Grappa labels stood out in Falstaff’s annual tasting dedicated to spirits, a leading publication in the food and beverage world:

Après Grappa di Moscato 5 Anni – 93 pts

Grappa di Barolo 12 Anni – 93 pts



Our Grappa di Barolo 12 anni received the excellent rating of 4.5/5 stars on Difford’s Guide, one of the most popular platforms in the spirits and mixology industry. You can read the review  here.



Ulrich Vermouths were reviewed on Wine Enthusiast, one of the top 5 most influential beverage publications worldwide:

Vermouth Bianco – 93 pts

Vermouth Rosso – 91 pts

Vermouth di Torino Extra Dry – 90 pts



Marolo among the “5 Grappa producers to look for” on Wine Spectator

Grappa di Barolo and Grappa di Brunello are among the brand’s products highlighted by Kristen Bieler on Wine Spectator, the most important and authoritative independent wine publication in the industry. Here’s the article.



Great results at the national Wine Hunter Awards competition: two Gold Medals for Grappa di Barolo Bussia 2007 and Grappa di Barolo 15 anni. Read more here!



Once again, the Bibenda Guide awarded us the highest recognition of 5 Grappoli for our Grappa di Barolo 15 anni.



Grappa di Barbaresco and Grappa di Moscato Après won two gold medals at the 40th edition of the national Alambicco d’Oro ANAG competition.



The best articles

Der Feinschmecker

Our Barolo Grappa made it into the top tastings (No. 4) of its category in Der Feinschmecker, a leading German magazine in the Food & Wine sector. The jury, chaired by journalist Kersten Wetenkamp, selected it among the 8 labels that captivated them, hinting at a Grappa Renaissance.

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The Buyer

Journalist Mike Turner discussed us and our projects on The Buyer, an important English magazine in the beverage sector, with an article entitled “How Marolo is getting us to re-evaluate our stance on grappa”.

Read more


Club Oenologique

In his article dedicated to the Golden Age of Whisky and fine spirits, Joel Harrison, an award-winning spirits journalist, highlighted the Ulrich Amaro among the best tastings of November:
«On a recent trip to Italy, I fell in love with amaro, the spiced, herbal spirit often used as a digestif. There is an array of wonderful versions out there, some bolder than others. The one I came home with however is both beautiful in design and balanced on the palate. Ulrich Amaro is rich and rounded, with notes of butterscotch, clove and cinnamon. Apparently, it has 19 different herbs, flowers, fruits and roots in the mix, but it is totally in balance and great over ice»

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A journey into the history of our distillery told by Emanule Gobbi on Lavinium, one of the first Italian wine blogs

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