Alambicco d’Oro, Nivis has been awarded with a gold medal for its aged grappas

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The Alambicco d’Oro, a prestigious competition sponsored by the Associazione Nazionale Assaggiatori di Grappa e Acquaviti (National Association of Grappa and Brandy Tasters) in collaboration with Assodistil, has awarded Nivis among the best aged grappas in Italy.

An important result for a grappa “born” just a year ago, bottled in 2019 after 13 years of aging, the last of which spent in oak barrels exposed to external atmospheric agents: including snow, from which it has taken its name.

Grappa di Barolo Nivis has won the Gold medal of the Alambicco d’oro among Aged Grappas, placing at the top of the category.

This has also been possible thanks to the very particular production method utilized. In fact, Nivis is one of the few, if not the only, samples of unfiltered and cold stabilized Grappa di Barolo, or those bottled without undergoing mechanical refrigeration processes. A particular technique that gives Nivis a full-bodied and velvety consistency, masterfully complemented by a powerful alcohol content, around 53°, which make this grappa a distillate for meditation and pure enjoyment.

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