Instadrinkers, four profiles to follow for those who love to drink… with their eyes

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We at Marolo have an untiring passion for spirits and liqueurs – the signature ones – in all of their forms.

Even the virtual ones, whose philosophy we immediately tried to understand by opening our social network channels and constantly experimenting. As in the case of the Instagram page dedicated to the Ulrich line: an organized wall consisting of 9 interconnected photographs, published monthly, to tell, in an original and emotional manner, our personal interpretation of Amaro and Vermouth recreated from the recipes of botanist Domenico Ulrich that date back to the end of the 19th century.


The world of spirits is becoming more and more “ethereal”. It has been undergoing dematerialization, increasingly relying on social media to communicate its messages. There was a time when tastings, courses, specialized books and the few big names in food and wine journalism were the ones guiding our choices in terms of alcoholic drinks, especially those for meditation and important occasions. But now, recommendations come to us in waves, directly on our phones, for example, through our Instagram feed. Media changes the message, said philosopher Marshall McLuhan and, similarly, social networks have changed spirits. Nowadays, content is regarded based on its form, which is enhanced in every detail: if no one can judge the organoleptic perfection of a Martini, everyone is increasingly thirsty for its appearance. We then witness the flourishing of bubbly, molecular cocktails, sculpted toppings like Canova’s Three Graces, perfectly glazed highballs: nothing is sipped, but everything is drank, down to the last drop. Is it good or bad? The future generations will be the ones to judge, we can only say that – if the substance exists – the form can make its return and “drinking” on Instagram can only refine our aesthetic taste, which can never hurt for when we have a good drink.


Since we are talking about Instagram and the “aesthetics of drinking”, why not follow the right people? We suggest some drink influencers (or instadrinkers) that we like for their way of telling and, of course, photographing their passion for spirits.

Cheers To Happy Hour

With 42,000 followers, Canadian Brenton Mowforth is one of the undisputed stars among instadrinkers. Everything is perfect on his page. The choice of cocktails, spirits, the coolest places to drink, but also the way of photographing the glasses, the colors, the lights that enhance the ingredients, as if they were on stage. So perfect it’s almost ice-cold. But he sure knows a lot, and the more than 2,000 likes per photo is a proof of his knowledge.


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Un post condiviso da Brenton | Toronto Bars 🇨🇦 (@cheerstohappyhour) in data:

High-Proof Preacher

Jordan Huges is a “preacher”, as he defines himself. He is the most respected cocktail photographer on the professional scene, and, once he opened his Instagram profile, he gained crowds of devotees and enthusiasts. He has never set foot behind a bar counter, but it doesn’t matter: he trained hard on mixology books and photography manuals, a combination that, in this world of aesthetic looks, has rewarded him with success. His photos are masterful: warm and enveloping, rich in color and “gestures”. In fact, Jordan loves photographing cocktail preparations and portraying the most famous barmen at work.


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The girl who drinks (La ragazza che beve)

The girl is Valentina Crucil and her passion is drinking. A true enthusiast who rummages through the pantries of the best places to find spectacular ingredients and preparations that have never been heard of and that are, according to her, very good. Valentina is so proud of her selection that she even created an app dedicated to discovering the best cocktail bars in Italy: this what has been missing! Her Instagram page is highly curated, personal and with a feminine touch that, in the generally virile or virilized world of spirits, doesn’t hurt.


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Un post condiviso da La Ragazza che Beve (@laragazzachebeve) in data:

Chef in camicia cocktails

Andrea, Lello and Nicolò started as Chefincamicia, an Instagram page dedicated to Italian food. But they decided to open a new one, specifically for drinking. They are professional, ironic, aesthetically very accurate. They alternate excellent photographs with tutorials, also hosting industry experts, who tell all in emotional videos. A booming channel that has also created an Academy, one of the first online experiments in Italian cooking (and cocktails).


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Un post condiviso da Chef in Camicia Cocktails (@chefincamiciacocktails) in data:

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