Grappa At Easter Our “Pairing Playlist”

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Discover a new realm of pleasure at Easter: pairing sips of grappa with Easter eggs to create your favourite “playlist.”

There are few pairings as harmonious as chocolate and grappa. They create a symphony of flavour. Every bite of chocolate is the sweet, melodic base to which the trumpet blare of grappa keeps you engaged, wanting more.

Easter, and especially Easter Monday, are much less formal than Christmas celebrations; bellowed by the youthful energy of a new Spring, it is the perfect time to try out a new tradition, like a grappa and chocolate pairing “playlist.”


In rock music, the ballad is a poignant piece of music, usually with a slow and broad rhythm and tells a story of love or loss. It is the perfect relaxing music to listen to after a substantial Easter feast. As a framework for pairing chocolate and grappa, delicate yet deep flavours that develop slowly and create an emotional response are needed.


Easter eggHigh-quality milk chocolate (minimum 30% cacao)


Grappa Marolo di Moscato or Grappa Marolo di Brachetto the sweetness of the chocolate will enhance the fruity notes of the Moscato Bianco and Brachetto vines.
Listen to

Dire Straits, Romeo and Juliet


If you are searching for something more rhythmic and upbeat, put on a rockabilly beat. This genre is well-known for its mix of rock n’roll, country, boogie woogie and jazz. It is a carefree cousin of swing music, with more electric guitar


Easter eggWhite chocolate
GrappaTo contrast, choose a sharp and ‘refreshing’ grappa that will balance out the sugary chocolate. For example Grappa Marolo Dedicata al Padre, made from a base of red grape vines from Roero. It is a white grappa, with a clean aromatic profile and warm, full body emphasized by a stronger alcohol gradation.
Listen toStray Cats, Rock This Town



One of the great joys of music is that it allows us to escape reality; notes are like highways to thoughts, memories and dreams. In this way, as Proust rightly tell us, it is no different than the pleasures of the palate, which are able project us into another time and space recorded in our memory. The intense flavours and the quality of the raw materials is the guiding factor of this grappa and chocolate pairing. One for those who journey not for the end, but for the pleasure of travel.


Easter eggDark chocolate (minimum 70% cacao)
GrappaChoose something with an intense depth of flavour, such as our various Grappe di Marolo Grandi Riserve. Made from Barolo marcs of great vintages, the range of grappa is long-aged and has a distinct aromatic profile spice, tobacco and anise which is the perfect harmony for dark chocolate.
VermouthAs an alternative to grappa, dark chocolate will never be amiss with vermouth. Try the Domenico Ulrich Vermouth Rosso Superiore “Umberto”: the savoury and bitter notes create a perfect harmony.
Listen toM83, Midnight City


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